• Superseded Scheme Approvals

    Following the introduction of Council’s City Plan on 2 February 2015, applications can be lodged for development to be assessed against Council’s Superseded Planning Scheme for a period of 12 months.  The Superseded Planning Scheme may provide support for a development not envisaged under the City Plan or may allow for more favourable assessment on vegetation or clearing related matters.  We have lodged a number of applications for assessment against the Superseded Planning Scheme and have had several successful approvals with more expected in the coming weeks. Contact us for an assessment of your sites development potential under the Superseded…

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  • Rural Boundary Realignment

    Following receipt of a development approval for a realignment of property boundaries on an 800 hectare rural site the survey works are now underway.  MGS will undertake all project works from conception through to completion including all town planning, proposal plans and survey works.  Contact us for advice or survey and planning works for your rural site – our surveyors enjoy the change of scenery a ‘bush’ job provides.

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